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KidVibes Positive Affirmation WristPak

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A Simple Reminder for Our Kids


Lets face it, as parents we wish we could always be with our kids to remind them how amazing they are, instill confidence and give them the confidence that they are able to achieve anything and become anything if they put their mind to it and commit to hard work. 

I wanted to create something that we can give to our kids to serve as a daily reminder of some positive affirmations. These bracelets are reversible so they get 4 different affirmations that will remind them how amazing they are and be a little piece of you while they're at school or away. 


  • Pack of 2 reversible bracelets
  • Polyester/Elastic Material for a soft/stretchy feel
  • 15.5cm (one size fits most)

Bracelets Included: 

  • I'm Made to Be Great
    • Reverse side: Kid Vibes with "I've Got This"
  • Nothing Is Impossible
    • Reverse Side: Kid Vibes with "I Believe in Myself"



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