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Pink Swirl DadVibe Shirt

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Top Seller - Girl Dads

Real dads wear pink...Especially dads with little princesses at home.

I am a girl dad!

There I was, holding our newborn daughter-petrified. Would I be ready to raise a daughter? Could I handle the heartbreaks? The high school drama? How will I handle the protectiveness that comes from being her dad? I spent a lot of time prior to her arrival thinking about all of these things, which also fueled intensity in the gym. What I realized and am continuing to realize is that I can handle things as they happen. I need to keep working out to be a positive male role model for her to see how the eventual other person in her life should be. 

These are parts of the motivation behind our shirt for us "Girl Dads." Dads who still hit the gym hard every day, focus on being a positive role model, while juggling the drama of having a baby girl. Our DadVibe Pink Swirl wordmark, a premium shirt utilizing fabrics for the active girl dads juggling every day Dad Life. 


  • Made by dads for dads
  • Printed by a local small, family run business. We believe in supporting other small businesses in our community
  • Percentage of Sales will be donated to an organization fighting breast cancer
  • DadVibe Printed on front in Pink Swirl
  • 60% Poly 40% Cotton



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