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Mama Outfitters Booty Bands - 3 Pack

Sale price$35.00

Various Resistance Levels - Fun Colors & Patters

You know we can't do anything boring, we had to make these booty bands with fun & bright prints that stand out! Mama Outfitters booty bands are a perfect way to get a quick workout in when you may not have time to get to the gym or the perfect accessory while at the gym. We wanted to make 3 fun and colorful patters to stand out from everything else on the market. 3 different resistance levels to offer various resistance for different workouts. 

Made from a premium elastic material with anti-slip rubber inside to prevent the band from moving while working out. 


  • Perfect for various movements & exercises - bands are comfortable and durable
  • Set of 3 bands with 3 different resistance levels
    • Peach Print - Light, Lavender - Medium, Black marble - Heavy
  • These bands can be used to train/assist in multiple areas of the body. Meant to increase strength and mobility and can be used for (but not limited to): hamstrings, quads, glutes, lower back, upper body etc. 



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